We treat our resources and heritage with the reverence and respect they deserve.

At Tréology, sustainable manufacturing practices are as important as the use of sustainable materials. We are committed to upholding our strong values of protecting our planet’s natural resources.

Our furniture is designed and crafted with the preservation, conservation, and celebration of nature at the forefront of everything we do.

  • Timber


    Every piece of timber we use has an eco-friendly story. All our suppliers share our vision of minimal or zero environmental impact when sourcing the timber.

  • Design


    Each Tréology design allows for our sustainable manufacturing process. We also specially design pieces that incorporate small but stunning timber off-cuts. Tréology furniture is designed to be durable, future-proof, and user-friendly.

  • Recycling


    Woodchips and sawdust are reused as landscaping mulch. Small off-cuts are donated to local preschools for children to ‘build’ with. All other recyclable waste is sent to local recycling plants.

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